Corporate Structure

The Company is managed by a nine member Board of Directors of which three are elected each year. The Board members for year 2020 were: William McKeever, President; Karen McHugh, Vice President; James McNaboe, Secretary/Treasurer; Jennifer Thompson, Denis Kidd, Donald Larkin Jr., George Saunders, Wendell Baker, Burt Sueylemezian and Gilbert Rangel.

The daily operation of the Company is the responsibility of Donald Hough, General Manager; Jennifer Gimpel, Administrative Secretary/Treasurer; and Craig Gudgeon, Distribution Superintendent.

The Company’s Annual Shareholders meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of March, at 9:00 am. The location is included in the shareholders package. The Board of Directors meet the fourth Thursday of each month.

For additional information regarding Board meetings, please call Mr.Hough at (909)825-4128.