Company Background

tankIncorporated in February 21, 1898, Riverside Highland Water Company is proud to be celebrating its 123rd¬†year of continuous operation. We were the successors to the Vivienda company that began transporting water from the Artesian wells at the Mormon’s Rayon Springs, along the Lytle Creek wash north of Baseline, in 1871. We were one of the three water companies that supplied water for citrus crops on the Riverside Mesa, South of the Santa Ana River and, in fact, supplied it to the highest elevations. The mesa is now known as Grand Terrace.

In 1906, Riverside Highland Water Company began flowing water from Artisan wells along the Santa Ana River and installed a landmark steam powered booster pumping station at the base of the Mesa.

Our forefathers bought and developed water from the Lytle Creek Basin, the San Bernardino Bunker Basin, The Colton – Rialto Basin, and the Riverside North Basin. Even today, we pump water from as far away as nine miles north of our service area.

As the crow flies, our wells are spread in a triangle that is 14 miles on one leg, 9 miles on another, and 8 miles on the other.